“Imagine being a mature business person, deciding to write a doctoral thesis and THEN to find you have 4 months to finish a thesis most people take 4 years to write. That was where I was when I started mind training for this epic challenge! Annette has a remarkable ability to be both empathetic and an amazing disciplinarian – the perfect combination for a coach. Add to that an immense practical knowledge of how the brain works PRACTICALLY and her immense self-discipline. I am now tackling my ‘Everest’ with determination and a glimmer of hope that I’ll succeed despite my huge trepidation all due to the daily exercises and nightly cheer-leading and admonishing voice notes.” JW

The core cognitive exercise in this training program was an intense daily guided visualization of the completed thesis — in the context of the doctoral defense. Each session started with focused breathing exercises and ten minutes of mindfulness practice. With voice prompts, the client was then guided into the mental visualization, which allowed the client to disengage from mental habits and pet themes, and to examine the thought process objectively. This process resulted in a wealth of new questions and possible areas of research. This in turn resulted in a great boost in creativity, self-confidence, and productivity.


This review took courage.

“After four decades with one man and then a nasty, acrimonious divorce with many hurtful, very personal things having been hurled at me, is it any wonder I could not reach orgasm even although I’d met my soulmate? As well as sharing interests, friends, belief systems and having had a ‘thunder bolt’ instant attraction; despite him being a considerate, patient and expert lover, there were no orgasms for me, no matter how much I enjoyed the lovemaking. This is not easy to talk about but Annette sensitively guided me, explained the science behind female anatomy and libido and led me gradually through a series of practical exercises to not just the orgasm remembered from happier and younger days but to something that ‘made the earth move’.

 It is definitely worth going through Annette’s course on lovemaking for yourself (although it is that and more!) it will contribute immensely to building and strengthening your relationship, even if your partner does not partake.”

­–(name removed for privacies sake)

The goals that people wish to achieve with peak mental performance training are often personal, so reviews are rare. It takes courage, after all, to reveal ones vulnerabilities.

And yet, the barrier emotion to all positive change is courage.

The courage to see the self objectively.

The courage to explore the ego and its presumptions.

The courage to question ingrained beliefs.

The courage to set aside automatic behaviour patterns.

The courage to test new emotions and new thoughts.

The courage to make mistakes, to fail, to fall.

The courage to get up, to self-correct, to keep looking forward.

Our growing knowledge of how the brain works on a biological level is allowing us to see that by learning to control the brain  courage becomes second nature. We start to access the mind more fully, to push our boundaries until we realize that the application of peak mental performance is limitless. Whether you want to lower your golf handicap, increase your bottom line, or find bliss, it all depends on mental control.

Personal growth workshops

Thank you Annette for your insightful and necessary course.  I recommend everyone that has a stressful life (that will be all of us) to do this course.

Although I have done yoga and meditation for many years.  I felt I was getting lazy and most times, forgetting to practice what I was taught years ago.

I also learnt a lot more on what mindfulness means, and although we may all, naturally possess this, I have realized it will only work if I practice this on a daily basis. It takes time, but I have learnt through this course, that we can actually train and remodel the physical structure of our brain.

What has really helped, is that I am training myself to be fully present and to not become overly reactive or overwhelmed with stressful things happening around me.

Many thanks



I’m very happy to highly recommend your  Workshops !

I have learnt what true meditation is all about and look forward to enjoying every minute of my quiet time – I’m learning to feel more in control of my emotions and feelings which really helps when I’m stressed and anxious. I feel more mindful of all around me and at the same time less critical of myself, makes me happy!

Very importantly I’m really learning about reaching those goals and that it is possible – yayyy!

Yes we can spread the positivity and slowly but surely create a more harmonious world!

Let’s start where it counts – our youth!




Dear Annette—I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your visit  to Cleveland last week.  You have a way of transmitting your vision of how eventually neuroscience will begin to give us insight into the positive emotions and the joy that results when we see ourselves as part of the natural world.

As we discussed, at this time I am deeply interested in the role of silence and reflection on brain function  and learning, which becomes apparent from your journey around the globe, and our planet’s place in the universe.  The unity of it all, and the recognition of these evolutionary relationships between ourselves and our environment, will continue have a profound impact on our thoughts and behaviors over time.  And, as you know, I hope to live long enough to see that impact on education, beginning with conception itself!

I believe that your visit with Richard Davidson in Madison will be an excellent experience for you both.  He is one of the few examples of a neuroscientist who desires to develop deep understanding of the connections between silence, art,  and the brain, as you are an example of an artist who realizes that profound understanding of the brain will greatly influence the artist of the future.  We need more of you folks in the middle: the artist who understands the brain, and the neuroscientist who understands art.

So, even though it may sometimes be difficult, I want to encourage you to continue your journeys, both of mind and of body.

Thank you again for your visit, your energy, and your courage.

Very truly,    Jim Zull

Professor of Biology, Biochemistry, and Cognitive Science


Many people talk of their dreams and ambitions and are thwarted at the first hurdle but with Annette she combines her wish list of things to conquer with serious planning but then it’s her gutsiness and ‘just do it’ attitude that wins me over – and not being disheartened by the many who say she will fail.

I admire Annette enormously, and I really respect her drive and achievements and absolutely adore her directness and sense of humour. Certainly, someone I’d choose to be shipwrecked with…*

Sharon Bryant


The instant she came into my house, I became aware of the vibrant energy and excitement she brought with her.

Despite her level of enthusiasm, however, she also carried herself in a gracious and respectful manner.  In one sitting she was able to recount her past travels and other interesting stories with intense and colourful detail, while at the same time show genuine interest in those sitting with her; asking questions that alone would make for meaningful conversation.

Annette has a base level of curiosity that I believe spurs on a great number of her projects and overall life direction.  Her interest in seeing not only how different people live, but also gauging their opinions on work, politics, creativity, and other facets of the human condition has, in my opinion, educated her in a way that few too many people have the ambition to pursue.  These qualities, coupled with a strong sense of awareness and compassion, makes time spent with Annette  enriching (and productive!).

Mark Mc Innerney


Annette is a free thinker, flowing, creative, an adventurer….a person with courage and confidence.   These characteristics are combined with one who is bright, competent, reliable and down to earth.  She has a ‘can do’ attitude.

Her around the world drive is clearly an example of someone who has both feet on the ground and demonstrates her endless list of talents and skills. She has an adventuresome spirit along with the confidence and intelligence to dream up adventures and follow it through.  She has the persistence to see it through and not quit.  It took adaptability to deal with the cultures and customs, the creativity to figure out maps and use one lone map from Greece to get you through many countries.  Again her adaptability to stay with a family in Kazakhstan for 5 nights in the middle of no where.  Her intelligence and ability to network and connect are demonstrated by how she had to accomplish some of the more enormous tasks like how to ship her car from China to the US.   It took persistence and ingenuity to finally make that come together.

The confidence, assertiveness and strength she had to tell the Chinese liaisons that you intend to get off their prescribed path and see China your way…..that took courage.   I really admired that.

Josette Green

St Petes Beach Florida


“Annette is something more than a talented author, and adventuress she is a Swiss army knife of creativity and resourcefulness.”

… she is a prolific photographer – with a huge corporate and professional portfolio; an accomplished painter ; and a noted public speaker, with a growing audience around the world. She is also a frequent presence in the broadcast media – where her refined and animated presentations stand in contrast to her many nights of solitude and seclusion in the world’s most remote cities, deserts and jungles.

I know her well enough to characterize her as a genuine Renaissance woman.

R Fahrbach



Annette is a fiercely independent thinker, does not follow fads and fashion, and thus develops innovative and individualized concepts and objects. She is no stranger to risk taking and experimenting in her work.

As a business professional, Annette is quick to grasp a client’s needs, and is able to offer a number of possible solutions to suit their particular requirements. Once starting a project, she throws her energy and commitment into it, and places great importance on completing a quality job within set time frames. We have experienced her as a very responsible and reliable professional.

Jean Westmore-Suesse

Ulrich Suesse

Cape Town


I have known Annette for about 15 years.  Her determination to succeed at whatever she has set her mind to, no matter what obstacles are thrown her way, is remarkable.  Her single-handed road trip around the world is testimony to that, I think.

When confronted by a problem, Annette will set out to systematically solve this problem. Annette has a strong sense of right and wrong and sees things more clearly than most.

Sonja Kastner

Cape Town,

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