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It all starts by training and toning the one body part that you probably never think about – your brain.

Coaching is used loosely; the Essential Knowledge co. was born out of pushing the limits, and destroying comfort zones. When you live that kind of life, you know that you cannot coach a life. There are no rules to living that one person knows better than another. Nobody can tell you what to do with your life, only you can do that. You do it best when you make the right choices and take the right actions. To do that you need a brain that is working at optimum level.

EKco. Applied neuroscience; Private morning sessions are tailored to your needs.

You will not be asked endless self searching questions, you will be guided to the source of the answers; your mind, where your concentration will be focused, to allow you to find the source of a problem, and to reroute and re-frame  your thought process to  come up with original solutions; without ever having to reveal any personal information.


Annette is the most versatile mental coach you will ever work with. With her practical knowledge of the human brain, her creativity, and writer’s knack for metaphor, she takes the intangible realm of your brain and makes it real. Drawing on sometimes hilarious, sometimes hair-raising anecdotes from her extraordinary life, she explains how every brain makes sense of the world. With great empathy, she feels your reality, and she puts it all into perspective.
Working with her allows you to see that through practicing various cognitive exercises you gain control of the sometimes wayward cast of characters that live in your head, allowing each situation to play out perfectly, whether it is the boardroom, bedroom, or the golf course.

To do that you need a brain that is working at optimum level. Through cognitive exercise it is strengthened, it becomes flexible and resilient, but that is not all you can expect.

Extracts from some testimonials.

“Imagine being a mature business person, deciding to write a doctoral thesis and THEN to find you have 4 months to finish a thesis most people take 4 years to write. That was where I was when I started mind training for this epic challenge! Annette has a remarkable ability to be both empathetic and an amazing disciplinarian – the perfect combination for a coach. Add to that an immense practical knowledge of how the brain works PRACTICALLY and her immense self-discipline. I am now tackling my ‘Everest’ with determination and a glimmer of hope that I’ll succeed despite my huge trepidation all due to the daily exercises and nightly cheer-leading, and admonishing voice notes.” JW

The core cognitive exercise in this 8 week training program was an intense daily guided visualization of the completed thesis — in the context of the doctoral defense. Each session started with focused breathing exercises and ten minutes of mindfulness practice. With voice prompts, the client was then guided into the mental visualization, which allowed the client to disengage from mental habits and pet themes, and to examine the thought process objectively. This process resulted in a wealth of new questions and possible areas of research. This in turn resulted in a great boost in creativity, self-confidence, and productivity.

This review took courage.
“After four decades with one man and then a nasty, acrimonious divorce with many hurtful, very personal things having been hurled at me, is it any wonder I could not reach orgasm even although I’d met my soulmate? As well as sharing interests, friends, belief systems and having had a ‘thunder bolt’ instant attraction; despite him being a considerate, patient and expert lover, there were no orgasms for me, no matter how much I enjoyed the lovemaking. This is not easy to talk about but Annette sensitively guided me, explained the science behind female anatomy and libido and led me gradually through a series of practical exercises to not just the orgasm remembered from happier and younger days but to something that ‘made the earth move’.

It is definitely worth going through Annette’s course on lovemaking for yourself (although it is that and more!) it will contribute immensely to building and strengthening your relationship, even if your partner does not partake.”

­–(name withheld on request)

The goals that people wish to achieve with peak mental performance training are diverse, but the barrier emotion to all positive change is fear.

One of the most powerful transformations your brain will go through with daily training is to know itself, with that to loose doubt, and with that comes a massive increase in courage.

  • The courage to see the self objectively.
  • The courage to explore the ego and its presumptions.
  • The courage to question ingrained beliefs.
  • The courage to set aside automatic behavior patterns.
  • The courage to test new emotions and new thoughts.
  • The courage to make mistakes, to fail, to fall.
  • The courage to get up, to self-correct, to keep looking forward.

Our growing knowledge of how the brain works on a biological level is allowing us to see that by learning to control the brain,  courage becomes second nature. We start to access the mind more fully, to push our boundaries, until we realize that with the application of daily training techniques our potential is limitless. Whether you want to lower your golf handicap, increase your bottom line, or find bliss, it all depends on controlling your brain.
It is in physically cultivating this brain-mind relationship daily that all the benefits of a strong, flexible,  and calm brain are realized.



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