Using a blend of inspiration, education, and participation, the Essential Knowledge co. presentations get right down to the source of all our actions, our brains.

A consistent narrative is building about the skills required to navigate the future of massive unregulated, and increasingly rapid, change successfully.  That narrative is one that is focused on mental skills.

Life long learning, agile learning, creativity, self-control, emotional intelligence. The Essential Knowledge co. presentations take these concepts and makes them biologically real. Through participation the audience immediately learns that these skills start in the physical function of the brain, and can be acquired by anyone with a brain that is fit and flexible enough to master them.

All Essential Knowledge co. presentations include audience participation through guided exercises, to allow the audience to discover how powerful simple cognitive exercises are  in enhancing their lives.

The Essential Knowledge co. presentations combine the latest neuroscience with scientifically proven cognitive training techniques, and the firsthand global adventures and experiences of Annette Jahnel, the founder of the Essential Knowledge co, to inspire the audience to start on the greatest adventure they will ever have, their personal journey from brain to mind.

We would be delighted to help you start your next conference with the right frame of mind.


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