Who are you? What are you? Why are you?

Simple questions that cut to the core of our lives,  but which very few of us can answer with clarity.

This series of workshops will enable you to construct short and concise answers to these questions. Using a lighthearted approach with serious intent you are guided through a series of challenges and cognitive exercises that will allow you to find the words to precisely describe who you are, who you want to become, and what you want from life.

“[…]drive and achievements directness and sense of humour.

[…]base level of curiosity… educated in a way that few people have the ambition to pursue[…]a strong sense of awareness and compassion,

[…]free thinker, flowing, creative, an adventurer[…] courage and confidence[…]  competent, reliable and down to earth.  a ‘can do’ attitude […]persistence and ingenuity[…]confidence, assertiveness and strength[…] courage.  

 […]a Swiss army knife of creativity and resourcefulness.” [full testimonials here]

With a daily routine of cognitive training techniques, you to get to know your brain and to break down the most difficult barriers that restrict your enjoyment of life; unconscious thought habits that direct your life without you even being aware of them.

The most important relationship you have in your life is that with your  brain. For most of us this relationship is disconnected and distant, if not downright dysfunctional.

EKco.Applied neuroscience workshops are constantly evolving as neuroscience brings more knowledge about how the brain works to light. The focus of all courses is to build a bridge between the science and your life.

Below is a template of what you can expect in an average workshop.

Course duration
8 x 1,5 hour workshops over 8 weeks( to enable you to establish a life habit


In this workshop, you will be introduced to your brain, focusing on your emotional brain and will discover how this part of your brain unconsciously governs your thoughts and behavior. You will run through a series of easy, fun tests and quizzes to test various cognitive abilities. You will discover your good, bad, and ugly habits; you will define your strengths and values. You will set out the experiences and growth you would still like to achieve in life.
Once you have completed this workshop you will be ready to slay the dragon!


In the — Slay the Dragon– workshop, you are taught the basic neuroscience that will allow you to recognize where your negative talk is coming from. You will discover that science has shown that you can modulate that part of your brain and redirect your internal dialogue towards a positive and proactive pathway. You will learn the cognitive practices that focus on redirecting your negative neural pathways. You will see how directly your words influence the actions your body takes.
Once you have completed this workshop you will be ready to step through the looking glass.


In the –Through the Looking Glass– workshop you will learn to turn your self-talk into your best life coach, as you learn cognitive techniques that teach your brain how to instruct your body to direct it to the goals and experiences that you identified in the –Down the Rabbit Hole — workshop. Your body is waiting for your instruction, in this workshop you learn to instruct it well.
Slowly it is all coming together, as you re-engineer your neural networks to create the life you want.


You are introduced to your body as an ecosystem. Specifically a watery ecosystem. You will discover the intimate link between your body and the surrounding ecosystem in which it exists. You will learn how external pollutants affect your inner ecosystem and how these pollutants regulate your brain and the brain of your children, on a genetic level, from conception. You will discover that your body is not just a biochemical body but also an energy body. You will learn contemplative practices that will allow you to sense the subtle energy of your body, thereby allowing you a greater sense of self and of connection to those with whom  you share your life space.


The previous workshops were training programs to tone your brain to teach it to become still, to embrace your silence, and to learn to focus for increasing lengths of time.  Much like you would train your body to run a marathon – Finding the Key  – is the first half marathon that your brain is now ready to run. Through guided contemplation you allow your brain to travel into mind, where you gently expand the spectrum of reality that you are able and prepared to engage with.


This workshop looks at what it means to expand your consciousness from self-consciousness, to global, to universal consciousness. We briefly explore the intangible senses and the energy cosmos of which we are part. We look at our most valued emotions, loving kindness, to prepare us for the next workshop where we delve into energy harmony,  and what the brain might actually be.


The following workshop explores the idea that we are all creators; ideally, we create that harmonizing energy that we have called love. The course explores love from several perspectives, always coming back to what modern and ancient scientific knowledge has taught us about this energy.

During this workshop, we explore how a skillful interaction between brain and body allows us to create this energy at will. We become the source of love, no longer searching for love or waiting for love; we realize that we are the creators of love and our ultimate goal is to live in a blissful state of harmony.


In this final workshop we put it all together. Your brain will be ready to partake in two 30 minute guided sittings, starting with gratitude, moving to self-realization, and finally we practice loving kindness.


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