Make Love

Even love begins by toning and training the one organ you probably never think about–your brain

Course has four workshops

Living in love is our most skillful behavior and expression of emotion. Most want to find and just fall in love, but you don’t expect to just get off your couch and win Olympic gold. For all things physical we recognize the need to practice, train, and be disciplined; for love we just expect to be swept away.
The energy we call love can, and does sweep us away, but if we cannot surf this powerful energy it will eventually dump us , bleeding and broken, on the shore. Which is why we fear the love we crave, we know it is powerful stuff… and so we do not fully commit to loving, for fear of the dumping.

Physical stuff is easy compared to loving. Loving is hard( initially) because it requires that we are able to give love, to give love we must have love, to have love we need to become vulnerable and flexible, to let and allow, to no longer wish to possess, or be possessed, but simply to flow into the energy of love.

To achieve this, is to achieve bliss.  But it is all in contradiction to how our possessive modern brains have been programmed to think. We need to ‘reprogram’ the brain.

The barrier emotion to living in love is fear

Learn to trust yourself, love your life, lose doubt ,lose fear, live and love fearlessly. When you live in love you have nothing to lose

Head, Heart, Hearth, in Harmony


Semantics; What is the difference between limerence, lust, compassion, empathy, agape?
Are we describing our emotions accurately?
Why does it matter?

Basic neuroscience focusing on the Limbic system.
How do the various organs in the Limbic System affect your emotions.
Can you control your emotional output?
Why does it matter?


Basic endocrine(hormone) system;
What does the endocrine system do?
How does it affect our behavior?
Can we control our endocrine system?
Why does it matter?

Brain training exercises concentrating on compassion and self-discovery.
Why should we regularly practice stilling our brain and being silent?
What do brain exercises do for your hormones?
Why does it matter?


Biology of the body: the latest findings about the female form.
Dispelling myths about the female sexual experience.
How to enhance your pleasure.
What does it do for your brain and body?
Why does it matter?

Instructions for night-time exploration of the body.
Learning to love ourselves is the first step in making love.
What does self-acceptance do for our brains?
Why does it matter?


Philosophy of love; how to grow in love and live in love.
How love has changed through the ages.
What is the female role in love?
How to reclaim our role and purpose in society?
Why does it matter?

Contemplative practice of gratitude and self-awareness




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