Essential Saturdays

 Essential Saturdays are workshop/seminars for women, focusing on the brain.

The program below is an example of what you can expect at an Essential Saturday. If you would be interested in attending or organizing an event in your area, please get in touch.

It all starts by training and toning the one body part that you probably never think about – your brain.

You will get to know your head

You will learn brain basics, which parts of your brain you can train, strengthen, and control. You get a scaffold of essential knowledge to support you as learn to control ultimate source of your power, your brain. Through simple exercises you will learn to inject feel-good chemicals directly into your brain, Joy on demand can be yours…come discover how.
You will receive several tools to aid you through the day. The most important of which will be an emotional map. Throughout out the workshop you will be asked to become aware of your emotions, to note the triggers and intensity of feeling of each emotion.
At the end of the day you will have a much clearer view of your own emotional landscape. This gives you a foundation on which to build your relationship with your brain.

A Herstory lesson

You cannot change the past but you can change history. A look back into time to see how women got to where we are today.

A biology lesson

A brief look into the brain. Focusing on the parts you can learn to control and strengthen with specific exercises.

An interactive workshop

A guided cognitive exercise that will show you how you can control the hormones your brain release; thereby controlling and regulating your emotions.

Brief Q&A, drawing from the anonymous questions, which you will have formulated privately and will bring with to the workshop, and from the floor.

You will reconnect to your heart.

You will learn how to breathe your stress away, how to drain your stress points, how to let your happy juices flow, and how this all depends on being fully connected to your brain.

A biology lesson

You will discover that when we speak of the heart in terms of emotion, we are not really speaking of the blood pump, but rather of the blood itself.

 A demonstration

The emotions that gather in this center are regulated by the brain and breath, just by changing your breathing, you change your emotions.

An interactive workshop

Get in touch with your senses get in touch with yourself.

A guided mindfulness excise, which will engage each of your physical senses in turn. Ending with taste

Brief Q&A , drawing from the anonymous questions bowl, and from the floor.

A nutrition lesson

Whenever you crave food you may blame your stomach but truth is, it is your brain that is demanding your attention. Your brain uses 20% of your energy output, but it is very very fussy about its diet. You can eat as much as you like, if the food is not producing the energy that the brain demands, it will continue to send out FEED ME! signals resulting in food cravings.

You will rediscover your hearth.

You will reconnect to your feminine sensuality and learn that by moving your pelvis you unlock your very own fountain of youth. You will discover that your brain is your most sensual organ. All it knows of the world, it knows via your senses. The more attuned you are to your senses, the richer your life experience. You will become aware of all your senses through fun, easy exercises. Come…activate your sensuality.

A demonstration and interactive workshop

After the brain this is the most neglected area of the feminine body. To break the ice we will give you a belly dancing demonstration, the brave are welcome to participate. You will be given drawing equipment, and be asked to draw one sensual line to encompass what you personally experience.

You will be reminded to take careful note of your emotional triggers and the feelings they create in you.

 A biology lesson

The hearth is the seat of our femininity. To neglect it is to neglect a vital part of who we are. You will gain the essential knowledge of the different types of love, how they arise, and chemical cocktails that drive them. You will learn why we long for love and yet soon feel unfulfilled. You will learn that we can convert lust to love to agape, by changing how we use our brains and bodies. The body is one unit, and only when all parts work in harmony do we access the joy and contentment that has perhaps been missing from your life.

An interactive workshop

A guided self-awareness exercise

Spreading the harmony.

Through the anonymous Q&A session, you will get the opportunity of asking the room the most intimate questions. Ones you have never dared ask before…someone might have just the answer you were looking for.

You will help build an Essential Knowledge seminar for men by adding your thoughts to the ‘What Women Want’ discussion. Because men really do not know…question is, do women? Lets find out.

An open floor discussion

What do woman want.

What does being feminine mean to you?

Brief Q&A , drawing from the anonymous questions bowl, and from the floor.

Essential take away.

You will learn to bring your head, your heart, and your hearth, into harmony.

Your take away will be several simple cognitive and physical exercises, which you can use to increase your happiness and calm anywhere, anytime. You will walk away with your own emotional map, and a scaffold of essential knowledge that will support you as you learn to control your brain, and through this, rediscover your essence and tap into your power, your purpose, and your full potential.

Your very own fountain of joy sits right inside your head.

In building a positive and harmonious relationship with your brain, you empower yourself to access the essence of you.

The seminars and workshops draw on local talent for some of the demonstrations and presentations. If you are interested in creating an event in your area please contact us.


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