Essential Knowledge co. Crucible

“The highest stage in moral culture at which we can arrive, is when we recognize that we ought to control our thoughts.”–Charles Darwin. Comparison of the Mental Powers of Man and the Lower Animals

The EKco. Crucible is a space for leaders to recharge, to re-evaluate, to reclaim their balance and optimism. It is a silent space where the removal of all trivial choices and decisions allows the brain to sink into undisturbed contemplation and focus, allowing leaders to define their core values and cultivate the behavior best suited to making these values a lived reality.

Imagine a space in which you enter a think tank with your peers in a calm silence,  imagine what you could you achieve and create if only you had the time and the silence to truly think.

The EKco.Crucible will create just such a space.

“What is a think tank?
A think tank simply put, is a group of motivated people who are interested in solving problems. The Think Tank is willing to research, revamp process, and build culture to advocate change. This team is made up of change champions not chump nay-sayers. They speak about the unspeakable and run towards discomfort zones

Before any physical event, we train and warm up, but when we decide to think up new ideas, we just expect ourselves to be able to have original thoughts on command. A think tank session should be seen in the same light as a marathon…a mind marathon, and care should be given to building mental fitness; so that the cell clusters and synaptic pathways in our brains are properly prepared to allow original thoughts to be created.

If you would like to participate in building paradise  please request the PDF

The document explores the first practical steps required to reach this goal. Steps that require the participation of those more knowledgeable or influential in each field.


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