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Building pathways to future careers

A self-sustaining community center, that fosters life-long learning; through an adaptive and fluid knowledge exchange that allows flexible and constant learning for students of all ages and mental abilities, to acquire skills to fill the changing needs of the community and the future economy.

The Challenge

 “The world is changing extremely fast and schools need to change as well, but it’s not an easy task because, all over the world, education is happening in silos. Every country is a silo, every state is a silo, every city is a silo and every school is a silo. There are gatekeepers everywhere, so it is complicated to make change happen.” Saku Tuominen

In the next decade education should–

“Enable children to become entrepreneurs of their own lives, thoughtful, caring entrepreneurs, who care about their surroundings, care about people around them in the world, but also are able to lead their own lives. It also has to do with how we can personalize learning more, today with all the technology we have, easy access to knowledge and experts, children can learn anything they want to in this world and they can build their own path instead of having to choose the same path as the next person. So it’s about children not having to leave their dreams and who they are at the doorstep of the school and forget about it until they come out, but actually develop who they are through school and take different paths and follow their dreams in life.” Lene Jensby Lange ; The Autens Consulting House

 Education is driven more by economic, than human need; as the competing interests column in the following diagram illustrates. The current economy functions best in a static, monoculture environment.

eduction stakeholders

Do you feel that current education methods fully prepare students for the needs of the 21st century? Not one person said yes. INSIGHTS FROM A STATE OF THE DEBATE REVIEW & GLOBAL YOUTH SURVEY.

Education today focuses on producing humans that support the economy. However, neither the education system nor the economy support humans; the result is that children are increasingly suffering from cognitive dissonance and are diagnosed with mental conditions that are traditionally seen as adult, depression, stress, and suicidal thoughts.

Do you feel that current education methods fully prepare students for the needs of the 21st century? 

“No, I don’t think they do very well. We’re in a millennium that’s going to be full of surprises, and technology brings a lot of those surprises. Kids need to be able to cope with solely unexpected problems, it’s really important. At the moment they probably sit in exam rooms and think ‘I hope there are no surprises’ while the teacher is outside saying ‘I hope I’ve prepared them for everything.’ Nothing could prepare them less well for the world they’re going into.”– Stephen Heppell

Foundation Skills

“The problem is that the matric certificate is actually useless” 

 At the EKco. Academy, every moment of learning will be useful. Each phase of learning aimed at creating an increasingly self-controlled, independent human, with all the foundational skills that are required for that human to thrive in its immediate environment.

With each progressive phase of learning aimed at increasing the flexibility, resilience, and adaptability of the brain – to equip it with the mental skills that produce a global awareness of interdependence, even as it learns to become autonomous– allowing the brain to adapt fluidly to any environment, underpinned by the unshakable goal to do no harm.

If you would like to participate in building paradise  please request the PDF

The document explores the first practical steps required to reach this goal. Steps that require the participation of those more knowledgeable or influential in each field.


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