Beginners meditation

When we learn to use our brain optimally, through various cognitive practices, we learn to control our emotions; this can be compared to learning to play a piano. When we can control the instrument, we can make beautiful music.

We understand that playing the piano requires hours of practice and repetition. To learn to use the brain optimally requires the same discipline and dedication, but it brings infinitely more reward.

Finding the keys

The first workshop covers basic neuroscience to introduce your brain to itself, so that it  is aware of what will happen to it, and why. A brain that understands why it is doing something is much more willing and able to learn new skills than an uncomprehending brain.

Play the scales

This workshop will introduce you to basic cognitive exercises,  which you can practice at any time during the day, and also two contemplative practices that will form the basis of your daily habit of mental practice.

Joining a recital

This workshop will be dedicated to a fully guided deep contemplative practice, to introduce your brain to just some of the benefits of meditation.

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